Thursday, March 17, 2011

The start of another Blog

Well this is it, my first Blog posting. Why do I think that yet another Blog will add something useful to the enormous contents of the web? In this first blog I will try to explain.

I am working at Wageningen University, chairgroup Business Economics I am also associated with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University My research and teaching fields are indeed between those two working places: Animal Health Management. As a university staff member we should publish our work in scientific (peer-reviewed) journals. These journals are mostly read by fellow academics and not by the people that have to apply our work. Personally I like to work with research questions where I can see the final application. Contact with the field of application is important and besides publishing in scientific journals I think it is useful to publish in trade journals.

Now that more and more information is on the internet, it is time to share our work on internet. Of course you can find our publications through our website (and many publications can be downloaded from there), but a blog opens possibilities to give some more comments and remarks.

It is my ambition to publish a blog on average once per month, following presentations that I gave, interesting research results that our group is generating or reacting on general news. With that I hope that this blog adds something useful to the information available on the web and that our research and teaching work can find the end-users in a different way.

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